The Tecoma Village Action Group (TVAG) is one of many Township Groups throughout the Dandenong Ranges working to make their township a better place to live and work. TVAG is a member of the Shire of Yarra Ranges Townships Network.      More


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Interested in the future of Tecoma? Would you like to help with improving life in the Hills? Need help or advice pertaining to a development proposal?

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The Tecoma Village Action Group comprises residents living in the area of Tecoma who wish to contribute to the growth of and preservation of the characteristics of our township that draw people to live in this wonderful area of the Dandenong Ranges.

TVAG is a member of the Shire of Yarra Ranges Townships Groups Network and as such represents Tecoma to the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Through this link we are able to apply to Council for funding of Community Projects and be instrumental in developing “Tecoma’s Future”.

TVAG is an Incorporated Association that supports other organisations and events in the region of Tecoma, such as The Hills Food Frontier (FLAME Festival, Community Garden Pathway); Destination Tecoma (see below), and art organisations such as the Tiffaney Bishop Collective and FATSpace.

TVAG is often contacted by residents with concerns about development issues. Through its contacts and experience, TVAG has been able to draw these concerns to the wider community and provide information and support for these concerns. TVAG has supported residents in their concerns all the way to Council and VCAT.

TVAG is an incorporated association of volunteers, members of the community who volunteer their time and experience to represent Tecoma. To be truly representative though, TVAG requires your support through membership and contribution to community discussions.   

TVAG - Who are we?

Just an update on the Yarra Ranges BIG Futures program.


This week (2nd week of May), students in our BIG Futures school mentoring program will meet the 30 fantastic mentors who have come into the program .


Some young people will be disappointed .

We need another  20   community people to put their hand up in the next couple of weeks to fulfill our promise to the schools.

The schools where we have the least number of mentors are Upwey High and Mater Christi College

Please spread the word

This is such a great opportunity to make the difference in the life of a young person

Some people want more information. Please click on the image at right to download an information pack.

Further information and the process for applying to be involved is on the website.


Big Futures - Update

In a letter to residents in Rochsleigh Ave, Tecoma, the State Minister for Health, the Hon. Jill Hennessy, MP, has stated “the Andrews Labor Government has determined that the ambulance station will not be constructed in Rochsleigh Avenue and has commenced seeking an alternative site in the Belgrave area”.

This is great news for the residents of Rochsleigh Avenue but also for everyone in the service area provided for by the Belgrave Ambulance station. This decision means that ambulances are less likely to be called away to service Knox and other more westerly areas and will be better able to access Monbulk and beyond in an emergency, as they will not have to traverse Belgrave shopping centre.

Ambulance Victoria looking elsewhere

As mentioned in the TVAG News of 28th March 2015, the Bodies Corporate of 1567 and 1569 Burwood Highway (the courtyard next to the Tecoma Bakery) applied to Shire of Yarra Ranges for a permit to remove the 7 large London Plain trees on this property.

Council acknowledged receipt of TVAG's letter of concern along with other objections and on Thursday, June 18th, called a meeting of all concerned parties with the view of obtaining the various points of view and work toward a compromise that suits everyone. Present were council planning officers and arborists, reps from the bodies corporate, Councillor Mike Clarke, and TVAG representing the community.

The trees are London Plain trees and are causing Health & Safety issues to the tenants and public. Councillor Mike Clarke would prefer that all London Plain trees be removed as soon as possible from the Shire because of many environmental and health issues caused by London Plain trees. The responsible planning officer hit upon TVAG’s suggestion that the trees be removed in a staged manner over 2 or 3 years to which the body corp reps agreed. The council arborists spoke about the many problems of London Plain trees to the environment and people's health and agreed with the suggested replacement of Norwegian Maples, which will cause far less problems whilst keeping the benefits of a deciduous tree. There is a preference within township centres for the use of ‘exotics’ if that is what residents want and fit the character of the township, and the use of natives outside township centres.

It was concluded, subject to the possibility of loosing a car parking space down the back, to remove the trees over 2 years, leaving the ‘right front’ and 'left middle’ trees in the first instance. The beds will be improved and planted with suitable undergrowth. Initial trees will be 1-2 m in height, so there will be some noticeable change to start with, but not as bad as removing everything in one hit. It is hoped to start this winter once Council has final sign-off from all departments and issues the necessary permit.

Hopefully community members will also see this as a good compromise and a great outcome for Tecoma's future.

Tecoma’s Trees