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Interested in the future of Tecoma? Would you like to help with improving life in the Hills? Need help or advice pertaining to a development proposal?

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The Community Meeting on Wednesday 30th July at Tecoma Primary School to formulate our township vision was well attended by members of our broad community.

It is great to see the community come together, and the enthusiasm of everyone. The final community plan resulting from the vision will be used to help guide the community and also council when it is planning new projects and services around the Yarra Ranges.

We have a broad variety of community members involved in the process: Tecoma Primary School, TVAG, Tecoma Traders Association, Reclaim Tecoma, The Hills Food Frontier, Sherbrooke Cottage and many community members.

At our last workshop we have come up with the following two drafts: 

  1. 1.Tecoma is the Dandenong’s natural gateway with a stunning view, locally run businesses and inclusive community spaces.

  2. 2.Tecoma is a village of hidden treasures in the Hills where its united and creative community lives in harmony with nature.

And a third version has been suggested since then:

Tecoma is the natural gateway to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. With stunning views, locally run businesses and inclusive community spaces, it is a village of many hidden treasures. Nestled in the foothills, the locals live in harmony with nature and are widely known for their strong sense of community.

The wording of any ‘Final’ vision will come after broad approval by our community.

Enquiries: email info@tvag.org.au

Further information may also be gathered from the SYR Community Development Officer, Amanda May on 9294 6741

Tecoma’s Future - Workshop 3

The Hills Food Frontier (THFF) are collaborating with the Tecoma Uniting Church (TUC), RUCCIS (circus), TVAG and other community organisations and members to develop a community garden and hold a Spring Festival, dinner and performances on Saturday, October 18.
This is known as the FLAME Garden and Festival.

             Food, Life, Art, Music, Education.

When: Saturday 18th October

Where: Tecoma Uniting Church

Click on the image at right to download the first edition of the “Good Food News”.

FLAME Garden & Festival

The Body Corporate at 1567 Burwood Highway, next to Tecoma Bakery, has lodged an application to the Shire of Yarra Ranges to have the courtyard plane trees removed due to the damage they are causing to the property, and for potential OH&S hazards.

The application is in its early stages but hopefully something can be done to save this beautiful courtyard shopping area of Tecoma.

You can get information about this application by going to http://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Property/Building-planning/Planning/Existing-decided-planning-permit-applications, selecting the Planning Register then clicking the “Application Number” tab and entering YR-2014/579.

Further information can be obtained from Caitlyn Pringle at the Shire Offices on 1300 368 333

Tree Removal

Council staff have been liaising with VicRoads to determine the feasibility of modifying the existing traffic signal to include the intersection of McNicol Road and Burwood Hwy. After a series of conversations VicRoads have come back to Council and advised that it is possible.

Council staff will be advocating to VicRoads and also through the local member and candidates for the Monbulk electorate for funding to upgrade the traffic signals.

You may also wish to make contact with James Merlino MP and Mark Verschuur (Liberal candidate) to encourage them to respond to safety concerns at the intersection. By adding your personal voice to those of others, Tecoma has a much better chance of obtaining this important infrastructure to improve the safety of all road users and our children who cross this dangerous intersection daily.

Traffic Lights

McDonald’s have made application to the Shire council to alter and add to their signage, namely the relocation of the M from the west wall to the top of the stone blade, the raising of the McCafe sign on that blade and a new sign to be added to the western end of the raised verandah roof.

In the mean time, without permission, they have already added to their signage at the rear of the premisses along the public access way. Signs have been added to the rubbish bins and the roadway.

It appears that McD’s continue to have little respect for the Tecoma Community and VCAT rulings. They admit to this within their current application in Para 1.1 where they state they modified the construction of the rear terrace, replacing a glass balustrade with wire. This was done in breach of VCAT’s “Condition No.2”, but they now wish council to give their retrospective blessing for the alteration.

Click on the image at right to download their application for signage changes.

Does Tecoma need even more signage?

The Hills Food Frontier, in partnership with Tecoma Village Action Group and Tecoma Uniting Church have applied for a small grant for the FLAME community garden art pathway. Would you please help by following the link and voting for us? The winner with the most votes will receive $1000 which will pay for the 'wet' terracotta tiles for the community to hand carve for the pathway.


Community Garden Pathway