Child Care Centre

  1. This planning application is for the establishment of a creche in an existing house on Burwood Highway at a point where road traffic is dangerous and drivers are occupied with road intersections, narrow driving lanes due to the start of a bicycle lane, and the crest of a hill.

  2. There is no safe parking along this stretch of Burwood Highway, especially as a place to drop off and pick up pre-school children.

  3. Users of the child care centre will most likely park in residential side streets which are narrow and difficult to exit back onto Burwood Highway


Child Care Centre in dangerous location

1588 Burwood Highway


For further information about this proposal, contact the Shire of Yarra Ranges. If you feel you wish to add your voice to discussion about this proposal, please contact:

Barbara -

The Shire of Yarra Ranges Council on the 11th August refused this application. Reasons given are:

1    The increased traffic and car parking in the surrounding road network resulting from the land use will have a detrimental impact of the amenity and safety of the area.


2.    The application has failed to provide sufficient on site car parking and minimise the need for cars to travel through the surrounding residential streets.  In particular, parents and staff will have insufficient carparkimg available during peak hours and will be forced to drive through and park in the surrounding streets causing a loss of amenity to residents living in these areas.


  1. 3.   The building site cover, hard surfaces and removal of trees from the site will have a detrimental impact on the landscape, character and amentity of the area.

The applicant has chosen to appeal to VCAT. VCAT has dedicated a single day, Thursday 10th December at 10:30am, to this matter.

Update - September ‘09

VCAT has notified applicants that the application has been refused on the grounds of public safety, lack of adequate car parking and a safe entrance/exit.

Update - February ‘10

  1. The developer has given up the Child Care Centre proposal and will be turning the site into a residence.

Update - May ’11