1. In late 2009, the Freeman Tecoma went to VCAT to obtain authority to construct a very large supermarket (2,638m2 ) in Tecoma Village on Burwood Highway.

  2. This application was rejected by VCAT as the scale of the proposed construction did not fit with the site and its interface with neighbouring residential areas

  3. The developer still owns the property and has the right to make further development proposals to the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council. Hopefully any future proposal is conducive to Tecoma as a gateway to the Dandenong Ranges.

  1. A developer proposed to the Shire of Yarra Ranges to construct a Child Care Centre at 1588 Burwood Highway

  2. Council rejected the proposal and the developer appealed to VCAT. This appeal was refused on the grounds of public safety, lack of adequate car parking and a safe entrance/exit.

  3. Tecoma awaits any further proposals from the developer

  4. Update May 2011: The developer has given up the Child Care Centre proposal and will be turning the site into a residence.

There have been a number of development proposals effecting the village of Tecoma

  1. Update: March 2011 will see the start of construction of this footpath.

  2. The Shire of Yarra Ranges proposes to perform some capital works on the west side of Sandells Road in the form of a footpath between Blackwood Street and Terrys Avenue.

  3. It is hoped that these works will fit in with the current environment and not be a straight suburban concrete footpath but there are constraints with respect to safe usage by people with vision impairment or wheel chair bound.

  4. This path will enable residents to more safely walk to the town shops and transport and decrease the current nature strip erosion during rains. 

  5. Further information is available from the Shire Office at Upwey under application reference: YR-2010/610

  6. Objections and comments must be in writing with reason for objection and how the submitter will be affected and sent by 25th July to: Responsible Authority, P.O. Box 105, Lilydale, 3140 or email:

  7. Click Footpath Sandells Rd.jpg for a plan showing proposed tree removals.

  8. Update: May 2011. The footpath is now complete. A job well done.

Current Developments


Anyone concerned with a planning or development issue, a proposed planning or development issue, or the rumour of a planning or development issue should get in touch with TVAG and help keep the community informed.

  1. A developer wishes to construct 6 double storey Units at 1 Winscombe Ave which currently contains a single story residence, typical of the area.

  2. Planning information is available from the Shire Office at Upwey under application reference: YR-2010/400

  3. Further information and Updates

Winscombe AvenueWinscombe_Ave.html
Restaurant 1525 Burwood HighwayRestaurant.html

The owner of Tecoma’s “Saffron Cottage” has placed an application to the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council for a permit to construct a restaurant on Burwood Highway next to T-Man’s Pizza.

For further details, click here.

  1. You are encouraged to look at planning applications, available at the Shire Offices in Upwey. Submissions can be either in support of a development or as an objection to a development but must clearly indicate:

Submitter's name and postal address

Daytime contact phone number

The Application Number [YR-number]

 A description of what the application proposes [eg: Construction of 6 double storey residential units]

Address of the land considered in the application

An explanation about why the person either supports or opposes the application

  1. For full details on lodging a submission to Council, please click on this document, YR Planning Notes.pdf

    Submissions can be delivered to the Shire Offices in Lilydale or Upwey or mailed to:

                            Shire of Yarra Ranges

                            P.O. Box 105

                            Lilydale, 3140

How to make a submission to Council

TVAG has been notified that there is interest by the McDonald’s restaurant chain to construct a McDonald’s in Tecoma using part of the site on Burwood Highway previously proposed for a supermarket development, and currently occupied by Saffron Cottage and Hippie Haven. 

For further information and updates, please click here.

McDonald’s for Tecoma ?McDonalds.html

Surgery Extension

Belgrave Medical Clinic on Burwood Hwy have applied to Council to build a second storey extension upon the rear portion of their practice. This is to provide individual  consulting rooms for the existing practice medical staff who are currently sharing rooms. There is no expansion of the business. The Clinic is situated in Business Zone 2.

Objections or support should be sent to the Shire referencing Application YR-2011/422

Update Feb 2012: Although the application was approved by Council there has been an appeal by local residents to VCAT.

The VCAT hearing will be held at 55 King St, Melbourne on  Thursday 10th May 2012

VCAT has found in favour of Council and the surgery. In the end there was only one objector in this case.

Ambulance Victoria have bought the property at 1-3 Rocksleigh Avenue in Tecoma with the intention of constructing a 3 vehicle garage and accommodation centre to provide a 24-hour service. Ambulance Victoria have arranged a "Community Consultation" meeting to which you are all invited.

Where: 1 Rocksleigh Ave, Tecoma

When:Wednesday 13th November 2013

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

At this meeting you will be able to look at AV's plans for the site and get answers to your questions about the service. Please read this invitation for further details on how to contact Ambulance Victoria should you have any questions you would like answered at the meeting.

Update Nov 2014: Ambulance Victoria claimed an exception to the Planning Regulations, bypassing Council. Currently they have not started this development and local residents are continuing their battle against this inappropriate commercial development in a quiet dead-end residential street.

Ambulance Station Proposal