The McDonald’s Litter Reality



The following series of photographs were taken on Saturday 30th April 2011 within 150 metres of McDonald’s in Boronia. Some of the worst examples of litter are immediately across the road from this fast food outlet, around their immediate neighbour the Victoria Police. This series of 30 photographs is not all that was seen on the day in this area. Many of the items of litter had been there for considerable time, obvious by the level of degradation of material and plant growth around the litter.

If this is the level of respect they have for their neighbours and our police force, how will they regard the more delicate environment of the Dandenong Ranges?

Update 13th May 2011 - Someone has done a cleanup of the area between the Police compound fence and Chandler Road roadway. Congratulations, but pity about the Dorset Road frontage of the Police Station or the railway carpark on McD’s back fence, etc. Another check a week later showed that the rubbish is again building up across the road from McDonald’s.

Boronia McDonald’s

The following few pages are just examples of the McDonald’s branded litter seen on public roadsides, private gardens and many other places. McDonald’s have a corporate “Clean Streets Program” and a belief that it is only a few of their customers who litter. If it was that simple then there would be no problem. Maybe it is the mindset that “McDonald’s have a policy and will clean up the streets” that is causing the litter problem?


To quote one Tecoma Trader on 28th April:

Had to laugh this morning (sorry) at the mcdonalds rubbish out the front of our shops! If we did have mcdonalds in tecoma they would actually clean up this rubbish themselves. Hmmmm

And a McDonald’s Spokesman in the Ferntree Gully-Belgrave Mail on 3rd May:

“McDonald's has a Clean Streets Program to tackle litter, Mr Christianson said.”

Other Myths

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