McDonald’s - Destruction of history



As McDonald’s continues to show it’s total disrespect for the Hills Community by taking our community to the Supreme Court, whilst also presenting to a Planning Review Panel to ensure they can build where ever they please in the future, now is the time for everyone to show resistance in fertile.

Join the March

12:00 Midday

Sunday 28th July

Belgrave to Tecoma

(Meet in car park between Cameo and La Colina)

Don’t let large corporations consolidate land titles in order to unfairly compete with local family owned businesses.

Check for any updates.

March Against Maccas

Sunday 28th July 2013 saw 3 to 4 thousand people gather in Belgrave and walk to Tecoma to show their disgust at McDonald’s total disrespect towards the Hills community. Although most participating were locals, many had come from Melbourne suburbs to show that they too want to keep the Dandenongs as a ‘special’ place to visit.

Support of Tecoma’s opposition is growing, both Australia wide and internationally. In the past few days since the march another 20,000 people have added their signatures to a petition, now totalling over 56,000. Add your signature too!

Update 2 weeks later: Now over 81,000

March Against Maccas Success

During the week of the 5th August 2013, legalised vandals destroyed the historical Hazelvale Dairy and Cottage, recently the homes of our very popular small businesses, Hippie Haven and Saffron Cottage.

The entrance to Tecoma and Gateway to the Southern Dandenongs is now irreparably altered for the worse. Soon the whole atmosphere and ecology of the local township and nearby National Park will be under threat by ‘branded waste’ advertising the name behind this destruction.

End of an Era

This page gives you a history of the McDonald’s campaign after the destruction of our historical buildings in August 2013.

For information about the campaign going to the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council click here.

For information about the campaign in the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) click here.

For information about the campaign Post-VCAT click here.

Diary of events during the VCAT Hearing:  VCAT Diary

The Hills Community are throwing a Gala Ball and Benefit for the Tecoma 8. So drag out the Glad-rags and enjoin in the fun and frivolity at

Upwey Community Hall

Burwood Highway


Friday 13th September

from 8:00pm

Tickets $20 from ‘Belgrave Organics’ in Belgrave and ‘Beggars Boutique’ in Upwey

Hills Gala Ball

A report published in the Journal of Internal Medicine shows a worldwide relationship between the number of McDonald’s outlets and the prevalence of obesity.

Although the report doesn’t go so far as to say there is a causal relationship, the number of McD’s outlets is a warning flag to the local population of the greatly increased risk of medical issues associated with obesity.

Correlation between McDonald’s and Obesity

The NoMaccas people are encouraging as many people as possible to rally at Federation Square in Melbourne CBD at Midday on Saturday 14th September.

See a film of this large campaign, hear the music and meet some of the people involved, including the rally MC - Rod Quantock.

Stand up for Democracy and the Dandenong Ranges.

BurgerOff Rally at Fed Square

Not happy with fencing off a major slice of Tecoma’s business area, a certain fast food company used its bully boys to take over the car park of DVD Destination, FATSpace and the PWP Op Shop. Not even a polite word requesting temporary access to perform some dangerous work.

Courtesy apparently is not within the vocabulary of a certain multinational corporation. Perhaps the company's “Values” on operating ethically and with responsibility are just more marketing spin?

Take Over?

Tecoma went to Town on Saturday 14th September.

Hundreds of people gathered at Federation Square to show that the people of Tecoma will not be bullied by a corporation that completely ignores its own “Values Statements”. The rally was very ably MCed by Rod Quantock but featured the heartfelt thoughts of our residents, presented in many artful ways.

Hills people will continue to stand up for Democracy and the Dandenong Ranges.

BurgerOff Rally at Fed Square

Four representatives of the Tecoma Community went to Chicago in late September to present a petition signed by almost 100,000 people, telling McDonald’s that they are not welcome in Tecoma. It was a great success!

A full report can be found at

Upon returning home, a report was made to the community at Upwey Community Hall, it being the biggest available venue to provide for the number of people who came to listen. Unfortunately McDonald’s continues to not listen to the roar that is now spreading across the world.

Tecoma ROARS to the World

McDonald’s have made application to the Shire council to alter and add to their signage, namely the relocation of the M from the west wall to the top of the stone blade, the raising of the McCafe sign on that blade and a new sign to be added to the western end of the raised verandah roof.

In the mean time, without permission, they have already added to their signage at the rear of the premisses along the public access way. Signs have been added to the rubbish bins and the roadway.

It appears that McD’s continue to have little respect for the Tecoma Community and VCAT rulings. They admit to this within their current application in Para 1.1 where they state they modified the construction of the rear terrace, replacing a glass balustrade with wire. This was done in breach of VCAT’s “Condition No.2”, but they now wish council to give their retrospective blessing for the alteration.

Click on the image at left to download their application for signage changes.

Does Tecoma need even more signage?

Just before the deadline of August 31st, McDonald’s erected some small signs advising to patrons that they are in the delicate Dandenong Ranges and extra care should be taken to prevent littering our environment.

No evidence has been forth coming regarding the other two matters of non-compliance regarding lighting and noise.

Contact was made with Council on September 21st asking about these two matters and up until now, some 2 weeks later, the responsible Council Officer has not responded to enquiries. This is the same department that failed to follow up VCAT’s ruling for about 2 years.

TVAG will continue to press for a response from the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council.  

Still Non-Compliant ??

Tecoma Village Action Group (TVAG) has been keeping an eye on Tecoma McDonald’s to ensure that they comply with VCAT’s ruling and although it has taken a long time, we now have something concrete to report.

Council’s compliance officer inspected the McDonald’s site in Tecoma on the 20th of April 2016 to conduct an audit of Planning Permit YR-2011/647. A search of Council’s Planning Permit records was also conducted at that time.

The inspection and records search revealed that the site is not compliant with the following conditions of the Planning Permit:

1.    Condition 25. No 'Acoustic Measures’ report has as yet been supplied to Council;

2.    Condition 30. No ‘Lighting Management’ report has as yet been supplied to Council;

  1. 3.   Condition 32b. No signage within the restaurant and adjacent to the drive-through food collection booths, advising patrons to not litter public areas and road reserves, has as yet been erected.

A ‘breach’ letter was sent to McDonalds Australia Limited and the franchisee on the 21st of April 2016, outlining the breaches and requiring compliance with the Planning Permit conditions by the 21st of June 2016.

On the 22nd of June 2016, a further audit was conducted and the franchisee was contacted to ascertain progress with achieving compliance.

This revealed that the ‘Acoustic Measures’ report had been completed, but was yet to be provided to Council. The ‘Lighting Management’ report was yet to be completed. The ‘litter’ signage has been prepared, but was apparently still sitting with McDonalds in Sydney.

Subsequently, a letter was sent to McDonalds Australia Limited and the franchisee advising that if the required reports and signage are not provided and in place by the 31st of August 2016, Council will commence VCAT Enforcement Order proceedings against both McDonalds Australia Limited and the franchisee.

Non-Compliant !!