1. The owner of Tecoma’s Indian Restaurant “Safron Cottage” has been unable to extend the lease on their current premises on Burwood Highway because the land owner still intends to develop that land into a supermarket. Thus Safron Cottage has applied to Council to develop their own premises a few doors away at 1525 Burwood Highway.

  2. 1525 Burwood Highway is currently vacant land zoned as “Low Density Residential”. Despite the name of this zone, there are no regulations against the construction of a restaurant built on a main road within this zone. A nightclub would not be permitted but a restaurant is permitted according to Council planning regulations.

  3. The main level of the restaurant will contain the primary eating area, the kitchen and stores. The entrance has a verandah and the rear end of this level will have bifold windows that can be opened to provide Alfresco Dining. The approximate height of these windows above ground will be 3.5 metres. The main dining area will cater for 60 patrons.

  4. Under the main level at the rear, is a basement carpark with space for 8 vehicles. Access is via a driveway on the east boundary, next to the existing commercial buildings. Further car parking for another 10 vehicles is across the rear of the property.

  5. There is a 3 metre wide treed buffer zone between the carpark and the rear boundary fence with the rear of the restaurant approximately 20 metres from the rear boundary.

  6. Above the main dining area is a Functions Room with an east side ‘wing’ for a servery and a west side ‘wing’ for an office. The function area will cater for 20 patrons. At the rear of the Functions Room is an outdoor patio and a similar sized outdoor area above the entrance verandah at the front. This area will be screened in order to provide privacy to surrounding properties.

  7. The Roof is to be made from Colorbond Steel in “Evening Haze” with most walls rendered in a similar colour. The front and rear is to be covered with an oiled timber finish.

  8. For further information, contact the Shire of Yarra Ranges. The office in Upwey has a copy of the proposed plans under the application number YR-2010/1114

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Restaurant - 1525 Burwood Highway

The application to the Shire of Yarra Ranges council has been refused for a number of reasons relating to the zoning of the land at 1525 Burwood Highway. Although a restaurant may be constructed upon land zoned as “Low Density Residential” there are different building requirements to those that apply in a Business zone.

Council hopes that the applicant can meet with representatives of the Planning Department to discuss these differences and help the applicant to submit an appropriate design.

Update March 2011

Saffron Cottage have again lodged plans with Council for a new restaurant on Burwood Highway, a couple of doors away from their existing location.

The new proposal is for a 36 seat restaurant, about half of the original proposal.

Plans are available for viewing at the Shire Hub in Upwey.

New Plans for Saffron Cottage

The Shire of Yarra Ranges has again refused to grant an application for the construction of a restaurant (Safron Cottage) at 1525 Burwood Highway on a block of land that is classified ‘Residential”.

Reasons given relate to the use of this land for commercial rather than residential uses and parking issues.

Application Refused (Feb2012)

The Shire of Yarra Ranges Council voted in May 2012 to grant a permit to Saffron Cottage to build a new restaurant upon their land at 1525 Burwood Hwy.

This was a controversial decision as many people want Saffron Cottage to continue trading in Tecoma but the land is zoned ‘Low Density Residential’ and thus the decision has upset many nearby residents.

Although allowable under the Local Planning Policy Framework,  we hope that this decision does not set a precedence. All of this angst could have been averted had the owner of the existing premises been willing to sell to a local trader rather than a multi-national corporation.  

Saffron Cottage Development