1. There are multiple effects that a large supermarket development will have on Tecoma, some beneficial but most will be negative.

  2. Two of the few remaining historical buildings that Tecoma has will be bulldozed.

  3. Traffic will be much worse than now and impact on our children’s safety whilst trying to get to school or kindergarten.

  4. Historic “Bon Ton” will close. Access to health services such as the pathology lab will be more restricted due to adverse changes in  traffic flow.

  5. Travel times for locals will increase due to required changes at intersection of Burwood Highway with Sandells and McNicol Roads

Effect on Tecoma

  1. Competition is a good thing, when the combatants are closely matched. This is why boxing bouts have weight classes. Imaging a fly-weight fighting a heavy-weight. The proposed supermarket development in Tecoma has greater floor space than Foodworks in Upwey and Safeway in Belgrave combined.

  2. Foodworks will find it difficult to compete and will close. Then, why go to Upwey at all - the Tecoma supermarket will effect other stores too, the butcher, the grocer and other shops will close too as shopper numbers decline.

Effect on Upwey

  1. An overdevelopment at Tecoma will give ‘license’ to other developers to build similar “Big Box” buildings in other villages in the Dandenongs.

  2. Traffic congestion along Burwood Highway will increase travel times for tourist operators who already have tight schedules. They may have to cut something from their itinerary.

Effect on the Dandenongs

  1. A new competitive business should bring positive employment to the area. But the proposed over-development will squash competition resulting in the closure of many smaller stores, with a resultant negative impact on employment. Appropriate competitive development will increase jobs. 

Effect on employment

  1. Is there really need for a supermarket greater in size than Belgrave and Upwey combined? The map opposite shows the choices that residents already have in the area, and the local population is not increasing.


…”proportions of the building are of an industrial/inner city scale and does not show

sympathy to surrounding township” (page 16 Shire of Yarra Ranges Council report)

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